4 Ways to Stand out at a Trade Show

Trade shows are an excellent way to connect with potential customers while also learning more about what your competition is doing. But having a successful trade show involves much more than sitting behind a table and waiting for people to approach you. If you want to get the most out of a trade show, your company needs to do a lot of planning in advance. Use the following tips to get noticed at a trade show and make people remember your company:

Secure a Booth Space Early

At a trade show, no one wants to be relegated to a booth in the back where there is minimal foot traffic. Pay careful attention to the dates and deadlines associated with a trade show, and make sure you sign up for your booth as soon as possible. Doing so will greatly increase your chance of securing a booth near the front where many more people will see it. If possible, you may also want to consider paying an extra fee to ensure that you have a premium booth in an ideal location.

Invest in Custom Flags

Many companies have a banner over their trade booth, but banners can be difficult to see if someone is not standing right in front of the booth. Be a little bit different and order some custom-made flags to display in the area around your booth in order to attract attention. Many custom flags for marketing purposes come with stands, so you can set them up near the walkway by your booth. Make sure that your company's logo is large and easy to see on the flags, and purchase flags in bright, bold colors that are eye-catching. To learn more about custom flags, talk to companies like Balloon Boys.

Give Away Something That People Want

When people attend multiple trade shows year after year, they can become boring. Liven your booth up and bring people over by having a raffle for a fun prize that appeals to most people. For example, you can raffle off a gift card, tablet, television, or even one of your company's own products. The opportunity to win something will create a buzz and will have people visiting your booth.

Create a Video Presentation

While your company should have an experienced representative at a trade-show booth, you can enhance the visual appeal of your booth by including a video presentation about your company, products, and/or services. Make sure that the video presentation is engaging and interesting to ensure that people passing by will want to stop to watch.