Businesses That Should Consider Getting Enamel Mugs Made

As a business, working with a company that produces custom mugs featuring your logo can be an effective way to develop a marketing product that you can sell or give to your customers through raffles and other giveaways. Your first instinct might be to choose a design to go on a standard ceramic mug, but you should know that there are many other types of mugs to consider. Ask if your company can provide enamel mugs — these are thin, lightweight, and highly durable compared to ceramic. If you represent one of these businesses, you'll especially want to consider enamel mugs.

Camping Store

When a lot of people think of enamel mugs, they think of camping. This type of mug is common among campers not only because it's light to carry, but also because it's difficult to damage. Whereas you'd break a ceramic mug by dropping it, the worst that would happen to an enamel mug is that it could get dented. If you run any type of camping business — a store that sells camping gear, a campground, or something else — having enamel mugs made with your logo can be a popular item among your customers. A campground, for example, can sell them in the gift shop for people who may not have thought to pack a mug for their camping trip.

Fishing Charter

If you operate a fishing charter, you might choose to have custom corporate mugs made up for a few reasons. For example, you may want to have mugs available on your boats for your clients to enjoy their morning coffee, or you may want mugs to sell or give away to clients. Whatever your intended use for them, enamel mugs can be a good choice. This style of mug is popular among boaters because it won't break upon sliding off a table due to the boat hitting a wave.

Travel Agency

Travel agencies can also benefit from producing items with their logos that they can sell or give away to customers, and enamel mugs may be a good choice. When you work as a travel agent, not all of the trips that you're booking for your clients will be in big cities and swank hotels. Some trips will be off the beaten path, whether it's a safari expedition in Africa or a hiking trip in Southeast Asia. Giving your clients custom corporate mugs — not necessarily to take with them, but to use afterward to fondly recall their connection with you — can be a good marketing idea.